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BIMUN : World’s Youth Modelling the Future of UN at Budapest

Interested to find out how the UN will be in 2050 and how the today’s young generation think about the problems of our world and future of the multilateral negotiations?

BIMUN Budapest 2012 VP

Take a look: BIMUN (Budapest International Model United Nations) 13-17 April. 2012 conference held at Budapest and hosted by Eötvos József Gymnasium.

Photos by: Tímea, Hajdrák, Rudolf, Herbst, Ferenc, Molnár, Gyöngyi, S. Faragó , Péter, Siklós, János, Vajda

More than 300 young delegates arrived to Budapest from various secondary schools from all over the world. They are representing-modeling the various nations the entire world young generation’s opinion in an experimental model  in frame of an international conference. The conference is on how the young generation think about the present and future of our world and how they would/suggest to act regarding the Word’s most burning issues like energy, sustainability, poverty, climate change, environmental protection, human rights, drogs, internet, globalization, crime, terrorism, world cultural heritages and various other important problems and issues.

Photos by: Tímea, Hajdrák, Rudolf, Herbst, Ferenc, Molnár, Gyöngyi, S. Faragó , Péter, Siklós, János, Vajdat is important to learn how the youth think about the world's todays problems?

Important to listen to their still innocent and really independent voices. They can help us to overcome the world’s serious problems. They can teach us that the new globalized world without borders offers us less fighting and more collaboration, better understanding and equality.

Photos by: Tímea, Hajdrák, Rudolf, Herbst, Ferenc, Molnár, Gyöngyi, S. Faragó , Péter, Siklós, János, Vajda

The world is changing and young generation has well defined ideas about the new world. Worth to follow the conference, we can learn more on what do they think about the future of UN and how they would change the multilateral collaboration and governance in order to build and assure better and stronger peace more equal more justice and more sustainable future in our fragile and vulnerable world.

BIMUN is an excellent and exceptional opportunity, during which the students will not only become diplomats and represent foreign countries, but also turn into international students, among whom borders and distances no longer exist.

We hope for the Model UN programme to reflect the work and opinion of students all over the world.

BIMUN Budapest 2012 delegations

United Nations

United Nations (Photo credit: Ashitakka)

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