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Hungarian President Schmitt resigned today

Due to the high public society, civil and wide spectrum political pressure Pal Schmitt President of Hungary resigned from his mandate today in speech to the Hungarian Parliament.

The known plagiarism scandal regarding his doctoral dissertation deeply shocked the Hungarian society.

President Schmitt is leaving (on the left PM Orban, on the right President Schmitt), Source:, Photo by Mr. Istvan Huszti

President Schmitt is leaving (on the left PM Orban, on the right President Schmitt), Source:, Photo by Mr. Istvan Huszti

Schmitt’s today’s quick decision to step down was a bit surprising but well expected after last week Thursday his (in 1992 awarder) Doctoral Degree in a 2 rounds controversial process (in the first round committee found that it is not his fault but in the second round senate found that it is) was finally withdrawn (also because the pressure and demonstration of the students board of the Semmelweis University) by the senate of the Semmelweis University following the clear evidences (first was published by HVG magazine) shown that more than 90% of his 215-page dissertation had been simply translated and improperly copied without attribution from a Bulgarian and from a French scientists previous works.

President Schmitt (at the left) with FIDESZ parlamential fraction leader Lazar (at the right) //Source: Photo by Mr. Zsolt Revczky Courtesy of

President Schmitt (at the left) with FIDESZ parliamentary fraction leader Lazar (at the right) /Source: Photo by Mr. Zsolt Revczky

After his famous last Friday TV interview in which he said his conscience is clear and that he will remain in his office people expected longer and an even more controversial misery process but his step down today is a clear sign from the governing FIDESZ party and PM Viktor Orban that public opinion and people’s moral has still stronger power in Hungary than the political powers and democracy is still working.

Parliament has 15 days now to accept Schmitt’s resignation and to find the new President of the Hungarian Republic. (In Hungary President is elected by the Parliament not by the citizens.) The new President should be standing politically above of all the parties, publicly esteemed person who can represent the unity of the people and hopefully this time in these hard times first in the history of Hungary a woman will be elected. (KL)


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