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COP17 Durban: Video interview with Patricia Espinosa by Andrea Arzaba

Patricia Espinosa, Secretary of Foreign Affairs for Mexico and President of the last year COP16 Mexico Talks, speaking to Andrea Arzaba of at COP17 in Durban.

Please watch and listen the video interview made by this always sparkling and smiling young Mexican journalist girl Andrea.

Dear Patricia: this is the right approach and brings that good atmosphere which we need in this hard days. Hope nowadays should be returned even more into the good process than it was needed in Cancun. You can see and feel in Durban how much NGO activists and young and also many vulnerable people are urging the negotiations. You know well we Europeans has the same devotion in the good process and has the same positive serious approach and supporting the negotiation process like Mexico and the Latin American nations and we are ready to act and commit ourselves.

I have a feeling that people are loosing their faith and confident in the multilateral negotiation process. Faith can be relive only if COP17 parties renew Kyoto Protocol for the second commitment period or if they bring a something new a better a different protocol to the table and agree on that. The COP16 last minute made texts called by Cancun Agreements was a good promise/agenda/show of goodwill but promises are fair only if we fulfill them otherwise they remain empty texts only. At the moment the whole process seems like a shining fairy plane with full of plans and luxurious travelers but this plane might bring us into a nightmare and total crash if we do not drive the “vehicle” of UNFCCC into the right direction. While great persistence of some nations and groups are really appreciable than parallel during the last 3 years sometimes it was pain to see how much important time, money and efforts were wasted by the negotiators and political leaders of the world.

Andrea: congratulations for the excellent interview!

We trust on you!


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